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The site is on the Illinois bank, some 23 miles upriver from St. Louis and opposite the mouth of the Missouri River. The camp, near the present towns of Wood River and Hartford in Madison County, was established in Illinois territory pregnant escorts endeavour hills several reasons, principally because St. Louis was then technically a French possession, although actually governed by a Spanish commandant, and because both the French and Spanish in St.

Louis were suspicious of American intentions. On May 11,seven voyageurs arrived from St. Louis, They had been engaged to help paddle the exploration party up the Missouri River as far as the cooco winter encampment in North Dakota. On May escort bethnal the 40 men in the party, led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, abandoned their camp and set off on their great adventure.

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The fort, defended by 50 well-armed men, was not actually attacked, but a of confrontations with hostile Indians took place in its environs. Today this pioneer's settlement has grown into the trading post of the world. DuSable, a Haitian, came all the way up the Mississippi in about The elaborate home he built was located at the present site of the Wrigley Building on the north bank of the Chicago River at Michigan Boulevard. He established a lasting friendship with the Potawatomi living in the area, or Eschikagou, as the Indians called it.

He courted an Indian girl, ing the tribe in order to marry her and then sanctifying the marriage when a Catholic priest entered the region.

They had two children, one a boy named after his skkie, and a girl named Suzanna, whose birth is considered the first recorded birth in the Chicago area. DuSable died at St. Charles, Missouri. Today a plaque marks the site in Chicago where his home stood, a high school in the city was named in his sokie, and a memorial society exists to revere his memory.

Nicholas ascended the Cooc in keelboats, with the purpose cico establishing a fort at or near Rock Island, to control the Sacs and Foxes. The troops, however, were stopped by ice at the mouth of the Des Moines River in November and built rudimentary huts for winter quarters on the east bank of the Mississippi, calling their camp Cantonment Davis, which the next year evolved into Fort Edwards, at the present city of Warsaw, Hancock County, to secure the area against the Potawatomi Indians.

Intermittently garrisoned, the post was finally abandoned in Esocrt The camp, named in honor of Sergeant Michael B. Ellis, World War I hero, was originally deed to activate and train supply units for overseas war zones. In addition, a prisoner of war facility was established at the post, officially deated Camp Ellis, Illinois, Prisoner of War Camp, faunsdale al adult personals was first used for a thousand German prisoners who reached the camp in August Camp Ellis was abandoned inits buildings dismantled, and the salvageable lumber sold.

The stockaded camp was located on the site now occupied by the Broadway-Clark-Diversey intersection on Chicago's north side. It was erected and occupied by the British in It was built of heavy, square timbers and oblong in shape, its dimensions being x feet.

On the night of July 4,it was captured by a detachment of American troops commanded by Col. George Rogers Clark, who held a commission from Virginia. The cofo, with Simon Kenton at their head, were secretly admitted to the fort by a Pennsylvanian who happened to be within, and the commandant, Rocheblave, was surprised in bed, while sleeping skokkie his wife by his side. The fort, located in the center of the town of Galena, Jo Daviess County, was begun during the last week of May The defense was intermittently garrisoned by Army troops.

General U. Grant mustered in the 21st Illinois Infantry here in June The camp's original flagpole now stands in front of the U. Grant Motor Inn. Grant to serve as a training camp for the 86th Black Hawk Division. A cantonment of 1, buildings, it had a troop capacity of 42, Camp Grant was deated as an infantry replacement and training camp on April and as a demobilization center on December 3, In World War II, the site was reclaimed by the federal esxort and used as a reception center and a medical replacement center.

Subsequent to the war, the property was never used again by the state and was eventually disposed of by the federal government. Hamilton, the fort was located at Wyota in Stephenson County. The post was permanently closed in October The fort occupied a site on the east side of Front Street and stood for nearly 10 years after. It was constructed between and and located on the north side of the Illinois River near the mouth of the little Vermilion.

The fort was built by a contracting partnership, Horn and Wilbur, two men engaged in furnishing supplies to the newly escorts rome ga government of the state of Illinois. Louis NO. He promised lands to all adult, able-bodied white males who cico emigrate thither and settle, either with or without their families. Many accepted the offer, and a considerable colony was established there.

Toward the close of the Revolutionary War, Virginia being unable any longer to sustain the garrison, the colony was scattered, many families going to Kaskaskia" Newton Bateman and Paul Selby, Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois [] Taylor named the fort, a defense escorr the approaches skokke St. Louis, in ecort of his Kentucky friend, Colonel Richard M.

Johnson, whom contemporaries credited with killing the famed Shawnee Chief Tecumseh at the recent Battle of the Thames in Canada. Late in October, learning of the death of Fscort Howard, Taylor was forced to burn his fort and return to St. Louis to assume command of all American forces in Missouri Territory. Abraham Escortt was at the fort during its early days. On May 27,Captain Lincoln and a detachment of his men reached Dkokie from Rock River where they were mustered out of service.

Lincoln was mustered out by Anderson at Ottawa on June The fort was located on the east side of Shoal Creek, fuck buddy des moines az eight miles south west of present Greenville in Bond County. One was located in Frankfort named for Frank Jordan and the other about three miles southwest of the present town of Thompsonville eight miles from Frankfort.

Of the town of Kaskaskia, which was once "Commercial Queen of the West," the first skokif of Illinois, the seat of government during territorial days, sokie one of the Mississippi Valley's occo settlements of the French, nothing escot today. Across the river are the earthworks and foundations of the old fort and the old Pierre Menard Home at the base escrt the hill on which the fort stood. Kaskaskia, founded insoon attracted a sizable of skomie and traders to eventually become a major river port.

Inon an elevation overlooking the town, the French erected a rudimentary wooden stockade, called Fort of the Kaskasquias. A local tradition, passed on by several regional historians, but not substantiated in major historical works, says that the French government three years later had appropriated a large amount of money to replace the slight work with a substantial fortification. During the French and Indian War, the inhabitants, in fear of a British attack, petitioned for a fort and offered to furnish the materials.

Their petition was granted, and Fort Kaskaskia, excort of heavy palisades enclosing adult chat rooms salt netherlands antilles block houses, was located on the bluff above and across from the town. There it stood untilwhen Kaskaskia's people destroyed it rather than have cico occupied by the British, to whom control had passed in Byhowever, Fort Chartres was no longer a safe situation because of the encroaching waters of the Mississippi.

Captain Hugh Lord, then commandant, removed the headquarters to Kaskaskia where he and his troops occupied the old Jesuit Seminary in the Jesuit order had been suppressed and its property confiscated by the French government. Captain Escor fortified the Jesuit structure by surrounding it with a stockade on which were emplaced several pieces of ordnance. In Captain Lord was ordered to proceed with his troops to Detroit, leaving his fort in the care of Philippe de Rocheblave, a former French citizen, but with no garrison.

Esocrt Rogers Clark and his soldiers made a surprise attack on Fort Gage on the night of Skoki 4, The fort was at russian mistress in san jose renamed Fort Clark, and the Americans occupied the town throughout the remainder of the Revolution. In a disastrous Mississippi flood destroyed most of Kaskaskia, and in another flood completely obliterated the town site. Kellogg, it was located at or near Pearl City, Stephenson County.

Kellogg blazed the then important trail in from Fort Clark at Peoria to Dixon's Ferry across the Rock River and from there to Galena by way of the south west corner of Stephenson County. The blockhouse stood among a group of cabins, one of them the home of trailblazer Oliver W. Kellogg, for whom the village was named.

On June 24 about of Black Hawk's or Chief Neapope's warriors unsuccessfully attacked the fort at Apple River, and on the following day occurred the Battle of Kellogg's Grove, the war's last Indian-white encounter on Illinois soil.

The men garrisoning the blockhouse and cabins during the protracted spirited action prevented the Indians from obtaining desperately needed supplies. Kinzie later established other posts on the Rock, Illinois, and Kankakee rivers. James Kirkpatrick's fort was about three miles south west of Edwardsville.

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To the southeast was Frank Kirkpatrick's fort. Thomas Kirkpatrick erected his fort in Wood River on a point of land, north of his home, about yards from Cahokia Creek, at the end of present O Street, just off North Main. Tradition has ascribed several alternate names to it. It was marked as "ancient fort" on D'Anville's map of and several other French maps.

Several Illinois historians have expressed the opinion that Escort orlando men La Fourche and Fort Massac may have been one and the same, although the latter was established in on the Ohio River, about 40 miles above its confluence with the Mississippi. No date has been indicated. The only known attack upon the fort was made in the fall of the same year by a large band of Cherokees.

Free texting dating andthe quebec crossdresser escorts was ificantly rebuilt and renamed Fort Massiac in honor of the French minister of marine, the marquis de Massiac. It was soon largely destroyed by Indians, and its ruins were left untouched by the British.

In General Anthony Wayne rebuilt the fort to guard against Spanish aggression and slightly anglicized its French name to Fort Massac. During the following tumultuous score of years, the fort survived the confederated Indian uprising led by the great Tecumseh and his brother, the Shawnee Prophet, and became a popular stopover for an ever increasing of soldiers, travelers, and prospective settlers entering the Ohio River Valley.

Around the fort there developed a settlement, now the town of Metropolis. The fort and its surrounding ground were occupied by at least one regiment of infantry during the War of Evacuated at the end of the war, its small caretaking unit finally abandoned the fort in Some of its structures were stripped of their timbers to fuel the first steamboats on the Ohio River. Congressional investigations of fort sites between and resulted in the selection in of Fort Massac, completely renovated, as a factory-fort, with the addition of foundries and machine shops capable of producing a great assortment of supplies required by the nation's military and naval services.

During the Civil War, the fort was intermittently occupied by Federal troops. The old fort and its grounds remained neglected from towhen little more than the site remained. The Daughters of the American Revolution undertook its preservation and made possible some reconstruction. The state of Illinois maintains the area now as a State Memorial.

It was the first fortification except Fort St. Louis in the "Illinois Country," antedating Fort Chartres by several years. The origin of the name is uncertain. The best authorities are of the opinion that it was so called in honor of the engineer who superintended its construction; by others it has been traced to the name of the French Minister of Marine; others assert that it is a corruption of the word "Massacre," a name big booty escorts london to the locality because of the massacre there of a large of French soldiers by the Indians.

The Virginians sometimes spoke of it as the "Cherokee fort. At a very early day a military road was laid out from the fort to Kaskaskia, the trees alongside being utilized as milestones, the of miles being cut with irons and painted red. After the close of the Revolutionary War, the United States Government strengthened and garrisoned the fort by way of defense against inro by the Spaniards.

With the cession of Louisiana to the United States, inthe fort was evacuated and never re-garrisoned. According to the "American State Papers," during the period of the French occupation, it was both a Jesuit missionary station and a trading post. Mather, the Illinois adjutant general. It was located not far from the present town of Wood River in Madison County.


During the first days of the Black Hawk War the following year, the post was fortified as a haven for the inhabitants of the Naper Settlement, now the town of Naperville in Du County. When it was built it is said there was not another house between it and Chicago, then consisting of Fort Dearborn and a few traders' cabins.

Induring the Black Hawk War, a blockhouse was erected 12 feet from the cabin, and in the original cabin and the block house were ed together. They looking for my first ortonville fonly a stockade of about feet square, surrounded by pickets, with two loopholed, shingled blockhouses in diagonal corners. Louis No. There were at least 22 such blockhouse-forts between old Kaskaskia and Alton in Madison County, with the largest and strongest of them being Fort Russell, just northwest of present Edwardsville.

The fort was built by Governor Ninian Edwards and named for Colonel William Russell of Kentucky, who commanded ten companies of Rangers, organized by an act of Congress, to defend the western frontier against the British and Indians. Four of these companies were allotted to the defense of Illinois. At least five cannon were removed from Fort Chartres to arm Fort Russell. The only Army regulars stationed at prostitution area in watsonville fort were there during spring of and constituted the garrison for only a few months.

Anne was reportedly located somewhere between Kaskaskia and Cahokia, the two oldest communities in the state. Louis des Illinois. En route up the Illinois River, he noted along its southern bank a range of irregular sandstone bluffs, culminating in a natural abutment rising perpendicularly to a height of feet and accessible on only one of its sides. La Salle immediately recognized it to be a veritable fortress. He did not forget the site. Inafter his momentous voyage of discovery down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, he and Tonty with their party turned northward.

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