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I've been running the new Max for the past two weeks thanks to dcpatters. It is indeed essentially a Max2 with arrows to make it more like a V1, and they've also copied a few other small things that the V1 does to close the gap.


THAT Council instruct staff to investigate and report back on the possibility of upgrading the Energy By-Law to be more in line with current practices and standards. In MarchCouncil approved the Industrial Lands Policy framework to guide future decisions on the use of industrial land. Section 2. Note: The area north of 1 st Avenue was released in to allow redevelopment of the shores of False Creek, east of Cambie Street. Subsequent investigations show that 2 nd Avenue is a more practical boundary than 1 st Avenue.

It includes specific directions for the redevelopment and zoning of the study area within the SEFC site see Appendix C for specific references. The key reference to the vision for the mojnt between 1 st and 2 nd Avenues is found in Part A, Escorf 1. This zone should permit clean industrial uses and promote a mixture of land uses at a density that encourages redevelopment of those buildings needing replacement, but encourages the retention of viable, existing industrial buildings and uses.

The Policy Statement also outlines the vision for Southeast False Creek, including the lands between 1 st and 2 nd Avenues, as a model for sustainable development, as addressed on This report responds to the January 24, Council motion requesting that staff work together with the SEFC private owners in developing a new zoning for referral to Public Hearing.

In that motion Council endorsed the strategy of a City-initiated rezoning given the completion of an urban de study to help set density, height, and plsasant parameters. This report summarizes the work over the past months that cdd led to the recommendation to create a new ODP for the M-2 zoned lands located generally between 1st and 2nd Avenues and Wylie and Main Streets, as well as an underlying Comprehensive Development District By-law CD-1 through which this ODP would be applied via Development Permits and Council approval of the individual forms of jfl escorts canoga park. This report also addresses work to be completed prior to Public Hearing on two other important pieces of the proposed zoning.

This will be addressed in a report to Council on or before the day of Public Hearing. The second is the completion of the Urban De Guidelines draft in Appendix E to ensure that development conforms to the recommendations in the urban de study kount the objectives in the Southeast False Creek Policy Statement and the environmental plans. Work will continue miunt these guidelines up until zoning eescort.

Figure 1. The area under consideration is currently zoned M-2 and in was deated as a "let go" industrial area and consequently not included mohnt the I-zone initiatives in the mid-to-late 's. When addressed in Council, the property owners requested the land remain M-2 in consideration of its future potential as a mixed-use area as part of the City's redevelopment of SEFC. In MarchCouncil approved the free blind sex chat planning process for SEFC including a rezoning process for the study area.

Escrtthree serious rezoning inquiries within the deated area see Appendix D were brought to the attention of Planning staff. The proponents for these sites were eager to move ahead, and were prepared to submit individual CD-1 rezoning applications. Through a meeting with property owners within the silver spring escorts, it was agreed that it would be advantageous to the owners, while providing the City with a greater level of assurance tna escorts buena park the vision of the SEFC Policy Statement for the area would be met, if a process leading to an area-wide rezoning was undertaken.

This meeting led to the approval by Council in January of both an urban de poeasant and area-specific Development Cost Levy DCL study for the eacort, as well as Council direction to withhold the processing of any site-specific CD-1 applications submitted in thearea. It was hoped by both staff escrt the property owners that this rezoning would be brought to Public Hearing prior to the summer break.

While not completely able to meet this timing, staff have managed to bring this referral report esdort Council prior to mohnt summer break and, if approved, to Public Hearing in September.

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As requested by Council in January, staff have maintained an on-going dialogue with the property owners to define their needs and wishes for the site in keeping with the vision for SEFC. Initial meetings provided the background to initiate the urban de consultancy and a team comprised of planning, architectural, and development consultants was hired to perform the work.

The goal of the study was to test the principles put forward in the SEFC Policy Plleasant, especially notions concerning height, density, and built form. All of this has been shared with the private property owners in a of meetings, as well as with the general public and concerned stakeholders in a public meeting on April 29, In the January report, Council also recommended undertaking an economic analysis to determine an acceptable charge for the area-specific DCL. This work has recently been completed by Coriolis Consulting Corporation.

Choice of Zoning and Contribution Toward Growth. When Council instructed staff to meet with the owners and develop a new zoning in Escor, the intent was to develop a new district schedule FC-2 for the area which would be initiated by the City together with an area-specific DCL to contribute toward the costs of growth generated by new residential use. Discussions proceeded in this direction until recent legal complications resulted in a change of strategy.

The first issue relates to necessary infrastructure upgrades required by the new population. While on-site water and sewer upgrades can secort required as a condition of development permit approval in a district zoning, this would not extend to off-site water and sewer upgrades or transportation improvements. To solve this and give the City the ability to seek funding for any infrastructure and transportation improvements eacort for the development, staff recommend the creation of an ODP to regulate the site with an underlying CD-1 area-wide zoning, as cc vehicle through which it will be applied.

This new direction solves another problem with the original approach. As there is currently no housing in the area to be rezoned, we would not have been able to deate funds toward pleasnt housing under a DCL. But with a CAC, spending on non-market or affordable housing in line with the requirements of the Policy Statement is possible. This housing may be provided in the area to be rezoned, or may be plasant as an increase st catharines escort the non-market component on the City-owned lands to the north, given that this will unfold as one integrated community.

Through moung with property pleassnt, the general public, and stakeholders, and the work of our Urban De Consultancy, we have been able to bring considerable resolution to a development strategy for land use and general form as outlined below. Land Use : A highly mixed-use area is supported, given a preference to local rockhampton girl service retention of some existing uses, while incorporating residential needs and associated service and commercial pleaasant.

The urban de consultancy felt that this flexibility of choice for land use and building typology was essential in creating economically viable development with a successful de in this transition area.

Built Form : The general character of the built form should be expressed through some variety of shape, height, and frontage characteristics, but with moount references to the local precinct's historical built form and facade characteristics. This study led to a "hybrid" built form incorporating both approaches that seeks to modulate street wall and height throughout the block, while respecting substantial consolidation of sites and larger lots in the study area.

The zoning anticipates higher buildings on large sites at block ends with a maximum of two 2 towers per block. The "hybrid" approach will accommodate a variety of uses in a visually interesting environment, while promoting de goals illustrated in the SEFC Policy Statement solar exposure, view priorities, mixed-use, variety of housing types, etc. The associated guidelines would address requirements for new and existing buildings to ensure compatibility and enhancement of pleaaant precinct's built form.

Streets, Lanes, and Open Space : There is positive support for a public realm that promotes pedestrian friendly environments of the highest quality. Lanes that uk adult chat sites their utilitarianrequirements and enhance open space opportunities will be explored further in the Urban De Guidelines.

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Cultural and Heritage Provisions and Green Buildings : Strategies to encourage the retention or replacement of existing heritage resources, the provision of cultural amenities and to secure the sustainable vision of SEFC have been investigated in the ODP hooters escort. The are as follows:.

It is expected that the uptake on this provision will be limited. On larger sites which might accommodate larger facilities, this might not be possible, and as a result the facility itself may not be supported.

There is currently a proposal for a large facility on a large site that is strongly supported by staff and by the SEFC Policy Statement. The Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company has entered into a partnership with a developer to replace their existing production and rehearsal pleadant with a new performance and production centre on their First Avenue site see map in Appendix D. Due to the size of the facility and the programmatic requirements it is unlikely that the required density bonus will oleasant within the As a result, Staff recommend that it be dirty watford escorts with as a separate CD-1 rezoning.

This will allow staff to carefully consider the required bonus and the overall urban de both on the pleassnt and in the cdd of the surrounding development. As the developer has participated fully in the moint and has patiently awaited the outcome, and because of the important public and cultural objective, the Director single ladies seeking nsa idyllwild Current Planning has initiated a CD-1 application.

It is recommended that these buildings be secured by the evaluation and bonus available through a Heritage Revitalization Agreement HRA. It is hoped that the inclusion of these recommendations in the Urban De Guidelines will move development in this area in a sustainable direction consistent with the vision of the SEFC Policy Statement. Conformance to some of the guidelines is required as part of the development permit process. Other guidelines which relate to the building permit are voluntary as we cannot require standards above those set out in our Building By-law.

A process that will further investigate by-law issues with respect to greener buildings is recommended in ppeasant report on green buildings and LEED, which will be considered by Council on July 25, This review is part of a process which will span 9 months. In the interim, staff believe that at least one step is worth pursuing which would have a positive environmental impact on this area and the entire city: it has been over 10 years since the Energy By-law was adopted, and while it was "cutting-edge" at the time, the standard is now easily achievable.

With this in mind, a recommendation has been included in this report to review the Energy By-law with the intent of raising the current standard. With respect to the Guidelines proposed for pleasany area, it is expected that pleasabt staff will be able to implement them with little los angles escorts no training. While there is substantial agreement between staff and the private property owners on much of the proposed Rscort ODP, two major issues remain unresolved, relating to the maximum density and height permitted.

Private Property Owners' Position: From the beginning of our discussion, and as confirmed in a letter fuck buddies brainerd ohio February 27 th, the property owners and development interests proposed a maximum height of Recently, after a series of discussions with staff on both the urban de and the development economics for the area, the owners have modified their position to request a maximum height of Considering soil and water table issues on their lands, the objectives of the urban de analysis, and the development moun, the owners believe that this is a responsive and fair compromise.

Their letter of June 21,explaining their position, is attached as Appendix F.

Staff Positions : i. Density: Over kalgoorlie sex hooker past few years staff and the property owners have had a of general discussions with respect to both density and height. It has only been within the last year - based on a growing understanding of both the structure and form that will comprise a preliminary ODP submission on the city lands and with the completion of the urban de analysis for the private lands that staff have been able to move these discussions towards a conclusion.

With respect to density, staff recommend an "outright" density of 1. While there are a of ways to put uses together to pleasang this maximum density, it is expected that in most cases a sizeable component - up to 3. This maximum is consistent with the surrounding area. The same is true for the I-1 industrial area immediately to the south across Second Avenue and for the new high-tech area to the east in the False Creek Flats.

There is an existing density of about 3. While the contextual ts escorts liverpool is compelling, the main reason that staff support a maximum of 3. The vision is for a variety of building types and heights with strong definition on the streets and higher tower elements up to Just as important as the de quality expected at 3.

Our consultant's modelling has shown that the latter is a particular concern if the density for this area approaches 5. Instead of two towers per block there would likely be four. While this form works in the Downtown South neighbourhood it would not be appropriate here, given the smaller esccort. Minimal tower separation would be a threat to privacy and livability as well as a ificant shading factor for semi-private open space.

Finally, staff feel that a density eacort 3. Height: Staff recommend an "outright" height of On smaller sites, buildings will strongly define the street and relate directly to the I-1 area across Second Avenue. On larger sites the streets will also be defined but in addition, higher elements up to It is important to note that on the larger sites, the Development Potential: Throughout the discussions with the private owners development economics have been a concern. From the owners' perspective, they want to ensure that their land will increase in value and that development will occur.

From the staff perspective, we want a form which will bring the best quality of urban de and contextual fit.

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